New Workspace Design That Moves People


Designing New Workspaces

As it is known by many people office design is one of the trending topics in the global sense. Many companies in Silicon Valley is following the trend of new design. These companies include the global giants such as Facebook, Yahoo and Samsung. Now the popular trend for office design is to promote relationship between the employees.

As a result of some observation, it can be seen that interaction between employees regarding their department increases performance and innovation. Since performance of the employees and innovation are the key elements of success of a company, global businesses and start-ups are designing their office according these elements.

New approach of Faceebok is to create a single long room where all the employees works in the same environment without any divisions so that the productivity will increase. Also human resources chief of Yahoo commented on the open workspace is design as following “hallway and cafeterias are the places of the creative talk and decision making rather than offices and cubicles.”

Samsung’s office design model

South Korean company Samsung is desiring to open a headquarters in U.S. Since Samsung is one of the driving companies of the industry, they also desire to follow the trends and prepare a comfortable working environment to their employees. Samsung is planning to integrate social spaces rather then their hierarchical office design in South Kores.

As it can be seen from the biggest and most popular companies, cubicles are not desired anymore. They believe that cubicles limits the creative. Interaction between people is needed in order to achieve a dynamic flow.

Open Office Design

Although companies are adopting the open office design, the question of whether the space is effective or not is still out there. Only few companies address to this question and try to integrate the design with effectiveness. These companies collect the necessary data for measuring the effectiveness of the open workspaces. These tools can be network analytics or sociometrist badges.

It is seen that when there is random interaction between the employees the chance to encounter increases and the performance is improved as a result of this unplanned collisions.

Office space can be regarded as a strategic tool for going forward. It is not just place to make money. With the new design 21st century technology should be implemented in order to create more open space and effective employees.

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