How to Redesign Office Space

How to Redesign Office Space ?

How to Redesign Office Space ?

How to Redesign Office Space? One of the latest popular moves in start-ups and existing businesses is creating an office with enough free space. This concept is known as open-office and every day various businesses redesign their offices according to this trend. Although it sounds like piece of cake, redesigning the office can be a challenging job.

There are some key points to be considered when it comes to open-office. The culture, mission and core value of the company should be compatible with the new design and an environment where the employees feel comfortable should be created. “We as LivePerson took some action and created an open-office environment for our employees.” says LivePerson Founder and CEO Rob LoCascio.

How to Redesign Office Space?

The need for an open-office design has some points to be considered. As the old-fashioned cubicles can cause the feeling of overwhelmed due to restricted working space, the new design approach can eliminate this mental and physical restriction. One of the objectives of the open-office concept is to create a dynamic and innovative workspace and a strong connection between the employees.

At first employees may object to these new concepts by claiming that the old design was comfortable enough, but after some time had passed they can call the new office home. The open-office which we implemented was favoured by the employees and as a result, similar design is applied to our other offices around the world.

Designing Process

The office design process involves collaboration between the architect and different departments. Representatives of different departments which on occasion work together are selected and regular meeting with the architect is arranged so that the process involves the ideas and needs of the employees. The main problem arises from the position of the seats. The groups which work together should be close to each other while maintaining the necessary space to work. When making the design this aspect should be considered in details.

Another issue is the location of the office. If the current office is not suitable for creating spaces as in our case, you may consider to move to a new place where the design will work properly.

Open-office Concept

Although open-office is the objective of the redesign office space, also some closed spaces must be added for meetings, hiring/firing conversations and giving employees a place to practice their sales. In addition new modules such as gym and lounge area for motivational purposes (film and sport nights in the office) can be added to the design. Also letting employees to give their personal to touch to the office can boost the creativity and collaboration between them.

The most important point when implementing a new open-office design is that it can take some time to adjust to the office. Also objective of the redesign should be creating a comfortable, innovative work environment where the culture and visions of the company is preserved.